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Safe Delivery Paperwork

This document will help you get ready for the delivery and installation of your safe.

Site Requirements and Access

  1. A flat and solid foundation is required, whether anchored or not. It is recommenced to place safe on a sturdy concrete slab. If safe is being installed on a raised foundation, please ensure the foundation has been reinforced to support the weight.  If you are unsure please have a qualified contractor approve your site, prior to us coming out. Lock It Up Safes LLC accepts no responsibility for damage to any floor 
  2. Pathways to the safe install spot must be clear of debris and/or furniture prior to delivery
  3. Pathways must be firm and/or sturdy to the safe install spot
  4. The Install spot must be clear and ready for delivery
  5. When picking your install spot, please make sure it is located away from wet environments. (ex. Bathrooms)
  6. The pathway, door openings, and jams must be wide enough to move your safe through.
  7. Lock It Up Safes DBA OK Safe Movers are not allowed to perform any construction type work in order to install your safe.
  8. Delivery up or down stairs must be PRE-APPROVED by Lock it Up Safes prior to delivery.  Any steps that are more than 4 will be an additional charge.

Electrical Requirements

  1. If your safe is equipped with power, the electrical outlet must be within 3 to 5 feet of your safe install spot. 
  2. The safe can not be installed on top of an electrical cord, or floor outlet.

Delivery & Setup

  1. A typical safe install takes anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour, once we arrive
  2. Arrival times are setup when you purchased your safe, we try our best to hit that time, if there is a delay we will call and let you know, we make every effort to be on time.
  3. If your site is not ready for the install and we must come back out to delivery your safe, a trip charge will added.
  4. Bad weather can play a roll in getting your safe delivered on-time.  Due to safety concerns we will not deliver in rain, snow, or icy weather.
  5. Lock It Up Safes LLC accepts no responsibility for damage to any floor 



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