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We at Lock It Up Safe are a safe retailer whose goal is to protect your belongings. Our mission is to provide quality name-brand safes for our customers to explore. In today’s times, security is more important than ever. Trust doesn’t come easy when it comes to the things special to you. We do our best to provide high-quality, secure, and functional safes in which to lock up your belongings. For our team, being able to provide safety for what our customers hold dear is of the utmost importance to us. Fear often drives people to lock up their belongings, so as a trusted safe retailer, we want to reassure you that the products we provide are made to be the best. When it comes to something as personal as safety, look no further than us and lock it up safe.

Featured Products

  • Safe Guard GR20 W/E-Lock

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  • Safe Guard GR15

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  • Safe Guard GR40 W/Keypad Lock

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  • American Rebel AR-12

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  • American Rebel AR-20

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  • Rhino Strong Box 6636

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  • Rhino Strong Box 6030

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  • Champion Safes – Estate 12

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  • Rhino CD3022X Silver Gloss

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  • Rhino Strong Box 7256

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  • Longhorn LSB1014

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  • American Rebel AR-30

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