In Home Consultations

Free In Home Consultations

Not sure what size safe will fit in your home? How could someone get a safe where you want it? Our team takes the guesswork out of these questions. We offer free in home consultations to best determine your specific needs for a safe and help see what size safe will fit in your home.

What to expect:

Our team will gather some information from you about where you are wanting the safe to be, what size safe you are considering, and what price point you would like to be at.

Our team will walk through your home to the location you have selected while evaluating the most optimal route and size to ensure a perfect fit.

While we are there we will walk you though some of the things to look for in a safe.

We will even help pick out a few options for you to look at, if you are ready to purchase we can take care of all that while we are there and even schedule your delivery dates, saving you a trip to our showroom.

(“Free in home consultation” applies to the Oklahoma City Metro, additional fees dependent upon location(all pre-approved), subject to availability)

Additional information, special concerns, size or model of safe you are interested in.