Shipping Policy

Our Shipping policy is broken down into two categories:  LTL Freight and Small Items (USPS or UPS). This information DOES NOT apply to safes delivered by the Lock It Up team which make up the vast majority of our deliveries.

LTL Freight

This is used when shipping a safe outside of Oklahoma’s surrounding states. Freight Shipping a safe is different than full delivery and install. During freight shipping Lock It Up loads your safe onto a semi to be delivered by a shipping company a few states away or across the country. When shipping like this the shipping company’s responsibility ends when they unload the palleted safe into the driveway or street at the delivery address. We always add to our order notes to “please bring the safe into the garage” but it is up to the drivers discretion if that happens. You should always plan to have a way to get the safe inside the house or garage because it is not the shipping company’s responsibility at that point. We take every possible precaution to keep your safe in good condition when shipping via freight we will crate the bottom half of the safe to prevent bumps and bruises. Sometimes damage may occur due to shipping. If your safe gets damaged you will have to file a claim with the shipping company. They usually have teams to take care of these matters so it should be a relatively easy process.

Fright Shipping is NOT full install, it is Drop Ship only.  In most cases you can reach out to local safe movers to help get your new safe in your home!

Small Items

We typically use USPS or UPS to ship out some of our smaller items, we take care in ensuring the package is wrapped up tight so as to not have it damaged. However sometimes issues come up where there was damage to a package during transport.  Most of these can be resolved by simply making a claim with the shipping company.  Depending on the item there may be insurance applied to the item (If you picked to have your item insured).