About Us

Lock It Up Safes was founded to help serve Oklahoma’s safe needs. Our mission is “Providing peace of mind for those material items you treasure most”. We believe that a safe should be treated like an appliance and there should be one in every home. We have seen first hand these safes save families valuables, important documents, and memories.  We offer a safe for everyones needs, the accessories to keep your valuables in perfect condition, full service delivery, installation, moves, and some of the friendliest faces to help along the way. 

Our goal for Lock It Up Safes is very simple, a safe in every home.


As you can tell from the photos below, we like to have a good time!  We are a laid back but service minded family owned company!


Kent Swenson

Kent has delivered and/or moved countless amount of safes all across Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Kent knows guest service like an Oklahoma map (which he knows better than the back of his hand). Kent has over a decade of experience in the safe business and uses that experience when helping you decide what’s right for your home. When not pushing around giant safes with ease Kent enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and “energetic” dogs doing anything outside. He loves to talk about football but steer clear if his Green Bay Packers lose.

Richard Soper

Richard has been in the safe Industry for almost 2 decades, he knows safes in and out better than most. His passion for safes and keeping things safe is his driving force. Richard has been apart of the Lock It Up Safe family since its creation, he is consider part of the family, he in fact is the Godfather to Stephen’s kids. Richard is an avid dog lover and is never shy or afraid to stop and pick up a lost dog to help find their owners!

Sam Hixson

Sam has been in the retail world for nearly a decade. He has served in many roles such as sales, buying, inventory, and marketing. For the last 4 years, he has been helping retailers across the country with their events and marketing with Hall-N-Hall Consulting. He brings a keen eye for business and wants to make sure that Guest Service is our main priority.  Sam enjoys spending time with his wife Chelsea and their German Shepherd "Riker”, he enjoys camping and taking trips to do some overland driving.

Stephen Hall

Stephen has founded safe departments in retailer’s across the country. He has an in depth knowledge of the IT a business needs to succeed in the modern landscape. He founded Hall-N-Hall Consulting to help optimize and increase profitability in shooting sports stores across the country. Stephen has served in nearly every area inside of a small business and brings that vast experience to Lock It Up to ensure a high level of service. Stephen is very active in local groups including the Scouts BSA where he serves as Treasurer for Troop 1. Along with his wife Meghan they have two children that are as active as they are fun.  Stephen also brings his two mini-australian shepherds to the shop almost everyday.