Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions

Change code on S&G Keypad Lock
22* Current Code # New Code # New Code #
Change code on SecuRam Lock
000000 Current Code, New Code, New Code
No Beeps or faint beeps
Put a Fresh NEW 9V Duracell battery.
Code not working
Make sure the correct code is being entered, if using a S&G keypad lock make sure you are hitting “#” at the end of your code.
Safe is stuck and won't open
Make sure the Handel is all the way to the left to relive pressure on the lock.
Is there a master code to a keypad lock?
Yes, most keypad locks have a master code, on SecuRam there are 2 codes with every lock, the admin code and a user code, the admin code is stored at the safe manufacture,(we do not keep codes). On S&G locks there is a MRC with each keypad lock, this is stored at the safe manufacture.
Can I change my master code?
Depending on the Lock, Yes. On SecuRam Locks there is away to clear all codes, on S&G Locks, No. The MRC is set and can’t be changed.
Can I change my manual lock code?
Yes, the code can be changed, this is a service we offer.

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