Lock It Up Safes Official Response

Reference to Liberty Safes decision:

We have been in the safe Industry for over 20 years, and we can honestly say we have never seen anything like this before. There are two big issues in this upheaval trust and transparency. The fact that a warrant was not issued to Liberty and the fact Liberty went ahead and gave out the code is utterly reckless and unethical. The Federal overreach isn’t what has ignited public opinion about this, as overreach has been an issue for years. When you take on a name that embodies something such as “Freedom” (or another word like that *if one comes to mind*) there is a certain amount of trust that comes with that, but a name and reputation carries a burden of integrity. That belief has been shaken in our industry. We feel that their statement issued late last night (9/6/23) is a step in the right direction, but it is unfortunate that the people had to cause such an uproar to be heard. The fact that during this turbulent time a company believed to stand for security would turn over something so private, and so flippantly surprised all of us here. When we sell a safe we explain that in the event the code gets lost, there is a way to get back into the safe using a master code that is stored at the safe manufacturer.  To retrieve a master code the end user has to provide certified documentation that they are the actual owner of the safe. It is a rigorous process to go through with many manufacturers, but that is in the best interest of the end user.  We are proud of the safe brands we sell as they have policies in place that prohibit anyone but the safe owner from retrieving  the code. The only exception to this rule is if the safe manufacturer is directly subpoenaed. We inform our guests of this policy or procedure and we even offer to change the codes so that NO ONE, not us, not the safe manufacturer, knows what it is.  We offer this on all the safes we sell. In addition, if you would like for us to come out and change a combination or install a new lock on a safe you currently own, give us a call  and we will be happy to quote a price for that.

In summation Lock It Up Safes NEVER keeps records of any safe combination. We support the peoples right to have what they want done with their data, whether that be stored or deleted. We believe that businesses must step in and stand in the way of governmental overreach. We the people value trust and transparency in business. Lock It Up Safes will always be open and honest about the pros and cons of every decision when it comes to taking control of your personal security. Reach out to us about any questions or concerns about any kind of safe in your home or business. We are doing everything we can to address all of the of the calls and emails and will do our best that none go unanswered. 


Stephen Hall
Founder & President
Lock It Up Safes


Sam Hixson
Founder & Vice President
Lock It Up Safes