Epitome of Retail Sales and Service!

Found “Lock it up Safes” through on-line search as I needed another safe for our home. (Like many people, I went too small on the first safe I purchased years ago! As a buying tip, consider buying the proper size the first time even if it costs more!) Anyway, wife and I visited their store and spoke with them about our needs. There is NO pressure whatsoever, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable about safes in general, and specifically about their products. They seem to have a solution for all needs both large and small that will fit most budgets.

I also needed delivery of my Safe Guard GR30E plus relocating my original safe to another part of house. Once the date/time was confirmed with Stephen, Kent and Sam showed up on time and were complete professionals in every regard and so careful not to ding anything in your home or the new safe. They were not only professional, but friendly and informative about the setup. I tried to offer them some extra money on top of delivery charges but they refused the offer! Kent said, “How about just a handshake”?! Wow!! I was blown away by the overall service!

I’m retired Federal LEO and I am usually very hard to impress or feel confident in people or their “claims” of customer service, etc. This place actually stands by their word and commitment to customer service. I highly recommend “Lock it up Safes” to anyone for your secure storage needs. Thanks again Stephen and the entire staff for the great service and product! We love our new Safe Guard GR30E and it even looks awesome in granite color in our home!!