Fast shipping I’ve seen all year from a company

I reside in Orange County, CA and randomly came across the Vauktek Smart Station safe. It was out of stock across every site I tried. I have never used Lock it up safes before but they had a waitlist so I decided to join. I was pleasantly surpirsed when I spoke with Sam and he mentioned they will get a small batch in about a week. He mentioned its first come first serve so I was looking out for it. It actually was in stock even a day early, thankfully I was on the waitlist and heard my email say it was in stock. He also offered a friendly military extra perk for me 😉 I was most impressed by the fact that I ordered on Tuesday and got the safe by Friday during the holidays. That shows pretty good intiative too me so I would reccomended this company and will certainly do business in the future with them. Thank you Sam.