DIY Lock Kit

This kit is designed to give the buyer all the information and parts required to install a new lock on their safe. Each kit will come with printed and downloadable step-by-step instructions for changing the lock on a standard “Group 2” setup. (which is approximately 85% of the residential safes) When a manufacturer installs either a mechanical or electronic lock the manufacturer will keep record of a “Management Reset Code” or a “Backup Code”. This is done intentionally and by design in case the purchaser forgets their code or in case of the safe being inherited by someone who does not know the code. Replacing the locking mechanism on your safe invalidates the backup code on hand with the manufacturer.

You and who you choose to tell will have sole access to the lock on your safe!

Replacing this lock will limit the manufacturers ability to provide backup access. Our kit is designed to only be used on “Group 2” locks and requires full and correct installation of all components related to locking mechanism. Improper or incomplete installation may cause damage to the safe or limit the ability to access the contents inside the safe.

Included in your purchase is a new SecuRam Lock. SecuRam makes locks for many of the high-quality safe companies. All warranty claims to be handled through lock manufacturer SecuRam. Lock It Up Safes holds NO ability or liability for proper installation of lock or longevity of parts. If buyer is not confident in installation seek guidance or service from certified locksmith.

Depending on your safe manufacturer you may limit or void your warranty by disassembling the lock mechanism.

Lock It Up Safes officially recommends that the changing of a lock be performed by a certified Locksmith.